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Mentorship Program

The Brickell Bar Association is dedicated to creating an environment where attorneys can learn from and support each other. We believe this strengthens not only individual practices, but also the legal community as a whole. As such, we connect law students and junior lawyers with seasoned attorneys who can provide guidance on a number of key issues, including ethics and professionalism, practice and law office management, business development, general law expertise and more.

Goals of our mentorship program

  • Foster positive mentorship relationships by connecting seasoned attorneys with law students and junior lawyers
  • Provide law students with advice on law school, The Bar and the practice of law
  • Help junior attorneys navigate the first few years of their practice
  • Ensure the competence and success of our attorneys
  • Elevate and strengthen our legal community as a whole

Benefits of our mentorship program

As a junior attorney or law student, mentorship is a vital aspect of your education. Benefits of this relationship include:

  • Become more adept at the intricacies of practicing law
  • Gain knowledge that cannot be acquired through books
  • Gain exposure to critical tools for career development and practice enrichment
  • Master skills like business development, practice management and networking
  • Reap the benefits of your seasoned attorney’s years of experience

Why become a mentor?

Our mentor attorneys enjoy a genuinely rewarding experience as they help to shape a new lawyer’s career and practice. By investing in the success of a law student or junior attorney, you have the potential to truly make a difference in their lives and careers by sharing your skills, expertise and the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your years in practice.

Join our mentorship program today

If you would like to become a mentor or a mentee with the Brickell Bar Association, please contact us today. Once accepted into the program, we will match you with an attorney or law student and offer guidance on creating a successful mentorship relationship.